When I started collecting U.S. and British WWII field gear almost 10 years ago I knew nothing.  It was a long and sometimes costly education to find the reference materials and personal contacts to attain the necessary information to start my collection. Through this blog I would like to help those just beginning with questions about this topic. For the beginning collector or reenactor I am confident that I can be helpful in finding the correct U.S. combat uniform ensembles from WWII through Vietnam.

My main focus is on the regular Army soldier or Marine combat field uniforms and associated field gear from boots to helmets, as well as personal items i.e. toiletries. I am always trying to find new information to help understand the development and adoption of the military items I find. Collecting for me has become an affair which builds upon itself, starting from a M1923 cartridge belt to one for every year of WWII,  to one of each color/color combination, to the ammo and clips the belt carried and who made them.

Although I know a great deal about my area of interest new information will from time to time reveal itself and even the most knowledgeable collector can find time tested beliefs disputed by new findings. Therefore, this blog is also a way for me to connect with other collectors for their input on anything I post.  In closing to the new collector, welcome. I look forward to help making your start in collecting 20th Century U.S. militaria a more pleasant (and less expensive) experience than mine.


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